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Apocalypse Speed art | Photoshop Tutorial | photoshop Manipulation  | Zeel Graphics | #06


Hello and Welcome Again to Zeel Graphics, Im sure you are come from our Youtube Channel am i right , if not then please go and subscribe our channel now. 

So let's talk about are todays project, first of all you guys not watch the tutorial of this project ..then go and watch it for free... link given here....then download materials and stocks from here...for other stocks image visit our other pages.... so you can get it.

In todays concept we made Apocalypse Speed art, in design first off all we design the background, for that we  use 5000x3000 artbord and 300dpi resolution after tack art bord and made background using some stocks like...destroyed city, old antique place images... and other stocks.

The design concept is sunset for that we highlight orange and red color so we make fogy weather using brush tools give them orange tone. after complate the background we put the old wan image in design and make it png using croping & selection tools. 

After that make shadows down and up sides, after that make wan glass select and fill that orange color and change blending mode after that give black shade from boders and make it horrorable, after that cut out the door of wan and place other image in there, make realistic using hue & saturation and other tools, after complete the wan we have to put our soldier.

So after that put the chair and make stable and realistic using transform tools and puppet wrap tool, then give shadow to it, and give color tone, then we have to put final object.

The soldier, now we put it, and again same transform using puppet wrap and other tools and place it to chair, after that make it realistic using other effects and tools, then were them mask and also give shadow to them.

then give some color correctios, and curves to make it more realistic and finally the project Apocalypse is redy to show.\

using that keyframes & our tutorial you can make it own, so why wait go and make it.

But note that,


"For Education Purpose Only"

My Artwork and Photographs may not be reproduced, Copied, Edited, Published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

My Works Are not Public Domain.

©All rights reserved by Zeel Graphics

So guys you can read this note, this design is completely property of ZEEL GRAPHICS so do not miss use this.

Now here we mention some system Requirement,

1. Adobe Photoshop CS5 or Above any 

2. File Setting is 5000x3000 300dpi.

3. Its Completely Free To Use.

4. All Materials Link Given Below.

5. Video Tutorials link Given Below.

 Here we place also original Manipulation design {do not use this is only educational purpose}

So Go and watch this and also give link of are youtube channel so if you don't watch the tutorial of this post so first go and watch it now link given below.

All File Details Are Mentioned in Download link So Go And Download, Before Download We Give You Some Important Link if its be useful For you.]

File Name: Stock files Uploaded By: Zeel GraphicsFile Size: 400MB

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